Production Schedule

Fast 5 day services for Dentures and Crowns

For our customers serviced by Mail or Courier please add 2 additional days.

Please Note: The number of working days to complete a particular type of job listed below is for the average case. Adjustments to this schedule can be made upon consultation with the lab. Should you require RUSH service, please call; a premium charge will apply.

Production Item Processing Time
Relines, Repairs 1 day*
Soft Liners 2 days
Custom Tray, Bite Block 2 days
Cast Framework 5 days
Partials - Setup or Finish 3 days
Full Dentures - Setup or Finish 3 days
Post, Core or Metal Crown 4 days
Porcelain Veneer / Jacket 5 days
Porcelain Crown, 1 unit 5 days
Porcelain Crowns, 2-5 units 8 days
Porcelain Crowns, 6+ units 10 days

*if before noon, back by 4:00 pm. same day