Introducing Barth Dental Supplies

Beginning in 1993 we began offering a convenient method of supplying certain gypsum products to your office, making them available in 50 lbs and 25 lbs plastic pails with resealable lids. As well, we continued to supply the 50 lbs bags as requested. Here is a current listing of their prices.

Pails (Add $10.00 for first pail)

50 lbs Dental Stone Hydrocal 105

Priсe $66.00 

50 lbs Dental Plaster

Priсe $46.00

25 lbs Dental Stone Hydrocal 105

Priсe $33.00 

25 lbs Dental Plaster

Priсe $23.00 


50 lbs Dental Stone Hydrocal 105

Priсe $64.00 

50 lbs Dental Plaster

Priсe $44.00


As always our prompt delivery is included in the price, no additional shipping charge is added. There will be a one-time charge of $5.00 per pail, provided the pail & lid are returned in good condition upon reorder. The plastic pails provide a convenient clean container. Plus you are not contributing to more environmental waste.